Our goal at Hotties Tan is to help our customers develop a base tan or deepen their existing tan to get the


darkest level possible. Each of our products is designed to reach a wide variety of customers based on their


individual personalities, interests, budgets and skin care needs. Feel free to speak with one of our tanning


consultants to find the right lotion that fits your needs!



Hotties Tan has stepped up with a commitment to provide the highest quality lotion lines, to match our


investment in the most advanced tanning equipment. We have invested heavily in both research and


inventory purchase to ensure that our manufacturers meet our strict demands for lotions that are powerful


in tanning ability, gentle to the skin, and heavy with vitamin content for long-term skin health.



Special - formulated lotions are essential for proper indoor tanning - dry tanning wastes at least 7 minutes


of tanning time!






STEP 1. Never tan dry! Dry Skin requires 7 minutes to build melanin for a tanning bed to be effective.


Dry tanning wastes 7 minutes of tanning time!



STEP 2. No outdoor lotion! Outdoor lotion is designed to protect the body from UV rays, while indoor


lotion is designed to promote the body's ability to receive UV rays. Outdoor lotions also contain mineral


oils that damage the acrylic and block the tanning power of the lamps. Outdoor lotions are forbidden in


any certified tanning salon.



STEP 3. Go for it ! If you reach a tanning plateau or if you desire the absolute darkest tan possible, you


should consider an extreme tingle lotion.



STEP 4. Skin Moisturizer – Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!!!! This is an essential step to your daily


skin care regimen. Your skin is like a sponge. Keeping your skin moisturized helps maintain a healthy


glow and it also extends your tan.



STEP 5. Do not bathe with soap! Harsh soaps will cause your tan to wash off before its time.



STEP 6. Tan once or twice a week and use a variety of equipment to keep your tan looking natural


and dark.








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Saturday 10am – 3pm


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Holiday hours may vary, please call ahead to confirm.